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Frequently Asked Questions


How long do spells take to work?
How long is a piece of string? Satanic spells can and do grant fast results, but what takes the time is your new situation has to be fitted into reality, that may or may not take long. You could wait a day for results, or three weeks, but within a couple of months at the latest most cases are fully resolved.

Do I have to do anything?
No, all I want you to do is leave everything up to your spells.

What if it fails?
Spells do not fail, not real spells, that is like asking what if it doesn’t get dark tonight? However for argument sake, if you have any concerns you should report back to me, not just leave things.

Any spell rules I have to obey?
I am the only one you should discuss your case with. Avoid psychics too, most aren’t and they will feel they are doing you a favour by saying your situation is beyond repair, so ‘move on.’ The more people you have thinking your case is impossible, the more energy you give the alternative outcome - which although it won’t cause failure, doesn’t help, and you shouldn’t make your spell's 'life' difficult.

Can you teach me black magic?
Not at the moment, not while I am working online as it is a full time job.

Are your spells dangerous?
Yes, they must be professionally cast to ensure nothing goes wrong. You will be fully protected, therefore nothing will backfire.

Can I use your spells and another witches?
Yes, if you wish.

Can I talk to you on the telephone?
No, you can email your requirements, but if you want reassurance that you should use my spells you will not get it, my website isn’t aimed at sceptics or the indecisive, my spells work, full stop, end of story. That should be your only question; will you get results? YES.

Will I receive anything through the post?

Do you supply back up support?
Yes, you can email me for advice as and when you need to.

Ordering a Spell
I will need you to forward the information mentioned on each webpage. You can use the PayPal buttons to make your payment or pay by bank transfer (online or in person at a bank). If you wish to send cash through the post, email me for my mailing address. Upon receipt of your order I will start working on your case immediately.

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