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Satanic & Black Magic Spells  For a spell to work it must have complete control and dominance over a situation - this can only be achieved by casting spells capable of that, rather than casting spells that influence an outcome only; ‘influence’ means ‘to have an effect on’ not control over. White magic influences, BLACK MAGIC & Satanic Spells CONTROL!  Carrying a good luck charm may well attract luck to you, but it will not control and transform a situation unlike black magic. My spells work because all situations have numerous potential possible outcomes initially, including the one you desire (if you can imagine it, then it is possible), my black magic then filters out and blocks what you don’t want, by FORCE. The outcome you seek becomes the only possible outcome, and your FATE is sealed. Enter website home
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Satan, like God and everything else in the Universe is an energy, all energy can be used for good or bad... We all have the ability to love or destroy...

Satanic spells are honest spells, they do not pretend human beings are wonderful and put everyone before themselves, that is untrue - we always put ourselves first, or if we pretend we are doing something wonderful for another human being, in truth we are still only doing it because we have chosen to because it makes US feel good.

We do not love anyone more than ourselves; you love your lover because they make your life more enjoyable, if they leave you it is YOU who suffers. Spells are used to obtain what YOU want - it is all about YOU. Spells require honesty, and as each human being seeks personal survival, that means we want money to better our lives, and the lives of those around us. You want a certain lover because he or she will improve your life, and your spell will ensure they enjoy you in their life too, but the fact is, it is all about what you want, everything in your life is about what you want.

All human beings are the same, even someone like Mother Theresa did what she did because it made her feel good, it was what she liked to do - others did indeed benefit also.

We all seek things to improve our own lives. Satanic spells are simply honest and obtain for you what you really want - white magic influences situations only, which may not be enough to grant the results you are hoping for.

My spells will not backfire, only spells not cast properly backfire, spells cast correctly achieve their mission, which is to manifest impressive results.


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