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Love Spells

Love Spells - Lucifer for Love

  • NOTE - These love spells are not like the ones you read about on other websites, if you are concerned about freewill or unsure if you really love and desire someone DO NOT WRITE TO ME OR PLACE AN ORDER. I will not be answering emails that ask me if you should move on or use spells on someone - if you don't know your own mind you are on the wrong website. Unlike every other spell casting website I DO NOT STATE MY SPELLS ARE FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY, that is the last thing they are. Regards, Dominic.

1, A Satan Love Spell will create the love situation you are seeking, it ensures the one you love is completely under your spell. This spell can be used to:

  • Reunite lovers.
  • Ensure your lover is committed to you.
  • Bring the person you desire to you.
  • Prevent a separation.
Price - £125.00 British Pounds

2, A Cursed Kiss Love Spell may be used if you have a love rival. Let each kiss your loved one and rival exchange be the kiss of death to their relationship.

Price - £125.00 British Pounds

3, My 7 Night Rites Lucifer Love Spells can be used if you have a complicated love problem, a collection of 7 consultative, nightly Lucifer for Love Spells will be cast. By the time the 7th spell has been cast, fate will be rewritten and the outcome you are after will be unstoppable. Price - £450.00

Price - £450.00 British Pounds


4, My 9 Night Rites Lucifer Love Spells will solve your troubles permanently, these spells are BINDING, which means your love is guaranteed to last forever. A witch or magician will recommend binding if you want permanent results. Fate will be rewritten and the outcome you are after will be unstoppable. Price - £650.00

Price - £650.00 British Pounds


5, The Greatest, Most Powerful and Supreme Spell Collection ever cast! For those who have met their twined flame, their soul mate, but have problems preventing them from being happy together. 12 spells will be cast over 12 nights in a row, these spells can and will solve any type of heartache. If you feel you have the worse possible love problem ever, I have the most powerful love spells EVER. Love rivals, interfering relatives and friends will find they are powerless once these spells start their work. Fate will be rewritten and the outcome you are after will be unstoppable.

Price - £1150.00 British Pounds


Love Spells tools. I require: Your name, date of birth, and the same or whatever you can tell me on anyone else involved in your heartache - photos if available are useful, but not essential.

To order now, send the above information to me and your fee, payment options are listed on my ORDER page, or you may order directly from this page.

Further love spells from the most powerful witchcraft spell book ever 'The Devil's Plantation' are available at: Advanced Love Spells

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