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The God Spell (Anti Science Spell)

The God Spell (Anti Science Spell)

Many clients have requested spells to give them magical and psychic powers, or for their personal wishes to materialise, so here it is 'The God Spell.'

The gloom merchants are rapidly draining mankind of our natural powers, Moses and Solomon both had supernatural powers, walking on water and defying nature was nothing to these men of the Bible.

Everything in life has two side - a positive and a negative: hot & cold, night & day, sweet & sour, small & large - the opposite to science is the supernatural - the incalculable, the immeasurable. The boffins insist that the supernatural doesn’t exist, but for science to exist ‘un-science’ has to exist, that’s God’s Law. By the way - the Law of Attraction has been scientifically proven to be a law i.e it is science, that is why it never works when you try to use it to magically manifest anything into your life - science is not magical, it is predictable, measurable and lifeless with all it’s boring restrictions. Those LOA preachers make things fit, but use it in your own life and what happens? Sweet Fanny Adams.

Science can scream all it likes, but it is magic and the supernatural that holds the power we really want. The God Spell quite simply reactivates all of your supernatural, magical and psychic skills that Moses and the ancient Egyptians used without batting an eyelid. My spell is customised with my client’s request(s) that are outside of science, this spell is for the impossible - the flip side of science’s possible.

Price - £500.00 British Pounds

There is no need to write and ask if this spell will work for you, if your request is ‘impossible’ the answer is yes. This is what real spells do, manifest the impossible.

The God Spell tools I require: Your name, date of birth, and the same or whatever you can tell me on anyone else involved in your request (if applicable) - photos if available are useful, but not essential.

To order now, send the above information to me and your fee, payment options are listed on my ORDER page, or you may order directly from this page.