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Malphas - Ravens of Desolation Spells

Malphas - Ravens of Desolation Spells

Malphas, the Raven Demon, reigns as a harbinger of desolation. This ominous spell, is a series of 3 night 3 hour malevolent spells crafted to annihilate enemies' desires, thoughts, and happiness with a relentless and all-encompassing darkness.

The first phase unfolds with the summoning of ethereal ravens, shadows given life by the Raven Demon's malevolent will. These spectral birds weave a sinister dance around the victim (using their photo), their obsidian plumage radiating an otherworldly aura. Each raven represents a facet of the target's desires, thoughts, and happiness.

As the ritual progresses, Malphas extends his shadowy wings, unleashing a cascade of onyx feathers that swirl in a dark symphony. These feathers, imbued with the essence of entropy, infiltrate the very thoughts of the victim, whispering discordant melodies that erode the foundations of their desires. The victim's most cherished aspirations crumble into the void, leaving only an echoing emptiness.

The second phase manifests with the Ravens of Desolation merging into a swirling tempest of darkness, their caws becoming an eldritch chorus that resonates through the victim's mind. The obsidian feathers, now a storm of malevolence, penetrate the victim's consciousness, unraveling the intricate threads of their thoughts. Clarity succumbs to chaos as the victim's cognitive landscape is transformed into a desolate wasteland.

Malphas, the puppeteer of doom, commands the ethereal ravens to soar higher, enveloping the victim's world in an inky shroud. The third phase sees the Ravens of Desolation coalescing into a vortex of absolute nothingness. This abyssal maelstrom descends upon the victim's reality, swallowing their world whole. The tangible and intangible dissolve, leaving behind an emptiness where desires, thoughts, and existence once thrived. 3 spells are cast, for maximum, concentrated power.

The aftermath of these spells is profound. The victim, now bereft of desires, thoughts, and a world to call their own, becomes a spectral shell adrift in the cosmic void. Malphas, perched atop the ruins of their existence, savours the desolation wrought by the "Ravens of Desolation Spells," a testament to his dominion over the annihilation of all that once held meaning.

Price - £750.00 British Pounds

Malphas - Ravens of Desolation Spells tools I require: Your name, date of birth, and the same or whatever you can tell me on anyone else involved in your request (if applicable) - photos if available are useful, but not essential.

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